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How Revved Beauty came to be...

Revved was actually born out of heartache and frustration! I went through a major life shift and felt completely lost. During this chapter, I fell prey to dozens of marketing campaigns that played upon insecurities. I kept buying beauty product after beauty product promoting more, less, better, fuller looking this, thinner looking that. I remember seeing my absurd Sephora purchase history one day and it hit me! I realized if I felt this way, about my “face value” in order to feel better, something was wrong! I finally decided to shift my mindset and look inward. I worked every day on owning who I am, honoring what I value most and celebrating myself. I then realized just how many beauty product potholes I hit during that journey. I knew in my heart, there had to be other women who felt the same way about the endless empty promises. I learned that most of the brands, even the ones that I chose to pay more for, trusting they were better for my health, were green-washing. I also became acutely aware of marketing tactics in the beauty industry and quite honestly I got pissed off! I felt called to create a company that does not market to women's insecurities but instead supports women in their power with clean, effective, high performance products. Our commitment to our tribe: If it doesn't uplift and truly improve lives, we don't launch it.

Revved stands for women tapping into the freedom within themselves. The purest form of freedom is knowing who you are and honoring her everyday.


Gina, Founder & CEO

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